From daily exercise to monitoring medications to connecting seniors with health resources, we support the health and safety of St. Louis seniors. We have two programs that work to meet these crucial needs for seniors:

Aside from these two formal programs, our Center staff is available to help seniors with other health and safety concerns that they may experience. We can connect seniors with federal and community resources to help them achieve the support, care and comfort they need to improve their quality of life.


1. Nursing Home Abuse Guide /Levin & Perconti
2. Resources and Support for Older Adults Living Alone /National Council on Aging

Senior Fitness Program

Aside from other benefits of weekly exercise, it’s an important component of preventing muscle loss and improving balance in seniors over the long term. Our Senior Fitness Program offers 45-minute fitness classes twice a week to work toward these goals.

Our experienced fitness leaders are trained through the St. Louis University physical therapy program to provide appropriate and targeted activities for seniors.


These are a few examples of the types of exercise you’ll do in our classes:

  • Aerobic activities
  • Chair exercises
  • Strength and balance training
  • Resistance training
  • Walks

Join the Fitness Program

All seniors over the age of 60 are welcome! For more details and to sign up for the Senior Fitness Program, give us a call at (314) 531-1937.

And while you’re here, be sure to join us for a Congregate Meal. The fitness classes always take place directly before our daily meal at the Center, where seniors gather to socialize and enjoy a healthy meal together.

Fall Prevention Program

It is not uncommon for seniors to have prescriptions from a variety of different doctors and for a number of different purposes. Though a medication may serve their intended purpose well, mixing it with others increases the risk of imbalance, vertigo and falls. Doctors and facilities do not always communicate prescriptions and diagnoses with each other, placing that burden on senior patients to prevent dangerous combinations.

Through our Fall Prevention Program, volunteers from St. Louis University School of Medicine visit seniors in their homes to review prescriptions and make recommendations. They provide seniors with a comprehensive report to take with them to any follow up doctor appointments.

During visits, the medical students also offer a health screening for those who are interested. The Rapid Geriatric Assessment is used to identify common conditions and illnesses in seniors.

Sign Up for an Appointment

All seniors over the age of 60 and living in St. Louis City are eligible. To sign up for a fall prevention and health screening appointment, please reach out to our team at the Center at (314) 531-1937. We also invite you to submit the Contact form on our website with any questions about the program or assessment.