Hundreds of St. Louis kids leave school at the end of the day with no adult waiting for them at home. Many of these children are alone without structured activities, nutritious meals or awareness of the inherent risks that confront unsupervised children.

After the final school bell rings, where will your child go?

The Striving to Achieve Results (STAR) after school program at Peabody Elementary School provides Peabody students with fun learning activities in a safe and supervised environment from 3-6 pm each school day.

After School For All Partnership

We partnered with the St. Louis Mental Health Board, ARCHS, to develop and expand a comprehensive after school program for the students at Peabody Elementary School in St. Louis.

The STAR Program at Peabody School is a member of the After School for All Partnership (ASAP). ARCHS manages and funds the After School for All Partnership (ASAP) in St. Louis, the largest coordinated after school system in the city. It provides free, high-quality programming for underserved children in grades K-5.​

Safe, Educational and Fun After School Activities

The STAR Program addresses the parent’s need for structure and safety with the child’s need for learning and fun. Northside Youth And Senior Service Center, Inc. is one of several after school programs created by an initial investment from the Mental Health Board to help it achieve measurable and verifiable outcomes related to youth development.

Inspiring Creativity, Critical Thinking and an Interest in Learning

The STAR Program is a licensed after school program providing activities for up to 60 elementary students at Peabody School. We work to give children a learning environment that is supportive, but not a duplication, of the school day. Our STAR teachers are child care professionals with experience in childhood development.

The program provides a balance of free play, structured learning, creative development and concept learning intended to help each child develop self confidence, independence, and language skills. 

Types of Activities

Examples of our after school activities include:

  • Computer instruction
  • Physical fitness
  • Homework assistance
  • Gym time
  • Recreational sports
  • Field trips
  • Cooking classes
  • Holiday parties
  • Dance
  • Theatre

A light snack is also provided to all children each day.

Sign Up Your STAR Student

To participate in the STAR after school program, your child must be currently enrolled at Peabody Elementary School. To begin the enrollment process, give us a call at (314) 531-4161.

And you won’t want to miss our other youth programs! All of our youth services work toward helping St. Louis kids achieve their life goals and meet their full potential.