Because of our generous supporters, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot over the years. Thank you for supporting our mission to serve the basic needs of seniors, children and families in St. Louis and for believing in our vision of a better tomorrow. It’s because of you that so many seniors and youth in our community have been able to thrive despite their circumstances.

Since our founding, we have served more than 7,400 families, 54,000 seniors and 89,000 youth.

Serving St. Louis Residents Since 1973

We have proudly supported the St. Louis community since our founding in 1973. Northside Youth And Senior Service Center (NSYSSC) provides programs that focus on youth success, senior mobility and nutrition, access to health, and the basic needs of both youth and seniors. But when the needs of our community shift, our programming shifts along with them.

For example, during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, we stepped in to ensure families and children in North St. Louis had their basic needs covered, like food and utilities assistance.

Programs With Community Impact

Through our mission and vision, we aspire to ensure the equitable distribution of resources to meet the basic needs of youth and seniors in predominantly low-income and black neighborhoods in St. Louis City.

Program Goals

  • Meet the nutritional needs of homebound seniors
  • Improve the mobility of older adults
  • Prevent the inequitable distribution of resources to vulnerable black neighborhoods
  • Support the efforts of youth to become successful learners
  • Promote healthy aging
  • Expand access to higher education

Get to Know Our Community

We have so much love for the kids and seniors that we have the privilege of serving each day.

We serve homebound seniors who don’t have access to nutritious meals, seniors looking for companionship and opportunities to socialize, seniors who want to stay fit and avoid preventable chronic illnesses, and seniors who want to remain independent for longer than they might otherwise be able to without support.

We serve children and teens with nowhere to go after school or in the summer until their parents arrive home from work, youth looking for opportunities to supplement school learning, youth who need connections to health services, counseling, social services and healthy mentors as they grow, and youth without access to the internet or technology to reach their full potential in a high-tech world.

Kim’s Story

Kim is an energetic 13-year-old eighth grader who is eager to get her new laptop and her own home internet service. Each day after school Kim rushes to Northside just to get 90 minutes of access to our broadband internet.

Kim says she really enjoys her science class, but her teacher would often ask the class to look up additional information. Kim doesn’t have the Internet at home, the library is not within walking distance, and the nearest McDonald’s is not a safe place to linger without an adult.

Kim is bused to a transfer district. By the time she arrives home at 5pm, she only has this small slot of time to access the internet. The time has been well spent, and she has better grades to prove it. However, she gushes at the thought of what she could achieve if she could afford to have internet access on demand at home.