Simply put, our programs ensure that St. Louis youth and seniors have the support and resources they need to survive and thrive.

Northside Youth and Senior Service Center is a black-led nonprofit community center located in St. Louis City’s 4th Ward. We are proudly serving historic neighborhoods of color by creating a better tomorrow in the community today.

At the bookends of our community, many youth and seniors lack access to things like daily nutritious meals and healthy recreational activities to socialize and learn—especially in North St. Louis and other low-income neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color. We work to ensure the equitable distribution of resources and services to meet those basic needs of growing and aging community members in St. Louis City. Learn more about our mission and vision for St. Louis youth and seniors.

We Serve St. Louis Youth and Seniors.

Over the years, our programs and services have shifted to respond to the needs of our community. Currently, we have a variety of youth programs, including after school and summer programs. And our seniors count on us for food, transportation and health programs, as well as opportunities to socialize.

In cooperation with our partners, our services are delivered in a timely manner through a coordinated system of programs and resources that provide community members with the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

The Impact

At Northside Youth and Senior Service Center, we have a long history of serving the St. Louis community in whatever ways youth and seniors most need our help. We’re proud of the impact we’ve been able to achieve and are constantly striving to better serve historic neighborhoods of color.

Location and Hours

The Northside Youth and Senior Services Center is located at 4120 Maffitt Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri.

You’re welcome to stop by the Center to learn more about our programs and sign up. We are open to the public from 9 am – 5 pm every weekday.